Summit Presentations

Stoves Summit Summary (.pptx)

Day 1

Industrial and domestic coal combustion: A South African perspective (.ppt)

Stoves That Heat: Why Do We Care? (.ppt)

Challenges and Knowledge Gaps From Coal Heating and Combined Cooking and Heating Stoves (.ppt)

Health Impacts of  Household Energy Use (.ppt)

Coal heating: Global and regional perspective, data gaps and other challenges (.ppt)

Cooking/heating stoves:  Global and regional perspective, data gaps and other challenges (.ppt)

National air emissions inventory: the residential sector (.ppt)

Climate Impacts from Stoves (or, Why is a “cryosphere climate policy” institute working on stoves?) (.ppt)

Cook & Heat Stoves Use in Mongolia (.ppt)

Household Energy Use Survey Harmonization (.ppt)

Addressing black carbon and other Emissions from stoves globally (.ppt)

Day 2

Panel 1

Testing & Comparing Stoves (.ppt)

Recent Developments in the Clean Combustion of Coal (.pdf)

Abatement of emissions from small combustion installations, fuelled with solid fuels dust and associated pollutants (.ppt)

Presentation on Himalayan perspective (.ppt)

Panel 2

Challenges to new heat stoves standards (.ppt)

Sustainable Heating Program (.ppt)

Panel 3

Toward Universal Access To Efficient And Clean Cooking And Heating (.ppt)

Cookstove Standards and Labeling: Opportunities for Sharing and Alignment (.ppt)

Behavior Change (Burn Right) An Example of Incentives and Instruments for Policy Implementation (.ppt)

Measures to improve the air quality in Poland (.ppt)